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Tree Top Adventure

We visited Tree Top Adventure during the Holy Week 2010. Before we start our adventures, a staff oriented us the different activities and the safety tips.

Here’s the list of the activities and cost for each:

Superman Ride – P200
Silver Surfer – P250
Interactive Free Fall – P250
Tree Drop Adventure– P150
Canopy Ride (1 hour) – P350
Trekking Adventure (1 hour) – P100

And here’s the list of the packages:

Package A – P400
Canopy Ride
Trekking Adventure
Basic Survival Demo

Package B – P500
Canopy Ride
Superman Ride

Package C – P600
Canopy Ride
Superman Ride
Trekking Adventure + Basic Survival Demo

Package D – P550
Canopy Ride
Trekking Adventure + Basic Survival Demo
Tree Drop Adventure

Package E – P620
Canopy Ride
Tree Drop Adventure
Superman Ride

Package F – P720
Canopy Ride
Trekking Adventure + Basic Survival Demo
Tree Drop Adventure
Superman Ride

Package G – P650
Superman Ride
Silver Surfer
Interactive Free Fall

Package H – P1,120
Canopy Ride
Trekking Adventure + Basic Survival Demo
Tree Drop Adventure
Superman Ride
Silver Surfer
Interactive Free Fall

I tried Package G with additional Canopy Ride and Tree Drop Adventure. I didn’t include trekking adventure due to time constraints. Also, since it’s holiday, they are only open til 3pm.

Here’s a sneak peek of our adventures…

Silver Surfer

Superman Ride is my most favorite!!!

Interactive Free Fall

Canopy Walk

Canopy Ride – Begins with a canopy walk going to the 1st station and then you have to wait for 5-10mins for the canopy to arrive. The less-than-1-minute canopy ride will then lead you to the next station and then wait again for the next canopy and so on upto the 4th station. This may sound a bit boring but it is really made that way for you to take time and appreciate the wonders of nature, in this case – the forest.

Canopy Ride

In every station you drop by, there’s a tree ranging from 35ft to 100ft. In our case, me & my mom encountered Kupang Tree (70ft) at 2nd station, Apitong Tree (100ft) at 3rd station and Lauan Tree (80ft) at 4th station. There are only 2 routes, meaning not everyone can reach the 100ft tree station. Here’s a tip: to be able to reach this, choose the canopy (from the 1st station) going to the right side.

Tree Drop Adventure – Drop from a tree that is 60ft high above the ground. You can actually choose what position you want. Either face down position (which I did) or head down feet up or lying position or rappelling.

According to my dad & uncle, who only took the trekking adventure, the guide taught them the basic survival thingy – how to make a cup, spoon and fork out of bamboo and also the fact that they can drink the water from the bamboo. Pretty cool, huh?

The activities will consume half of the day. So IMO, the best time to go there is between 9am to 1pm. don’t go there late in the afternoon since they have a registration cut-off.

Thats it! Another unique, FUN & exciting adventure!!

Why not face your fears and try it too??

Tree Top Adventure
JEST Area, Cubi Point, SBMA, Philippines

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Coron, Palawan

Just so you know I’m a nature lover and my favorite place will definitely be where the Sun, Sea & Sand are combined. Last February, I’ve been to the most enticing paradise I’ve never been before – Coron Island.

We stayed at Darayonan Lodge. Breakfast meal is included and they also serve unlimited coffee and tea. The a/c room is clean, simple and native with cable TV, private cr, hot & cold shower. Unfortunately for us, they made the swimming pool available on March 5, just a few days after we left.

Another option to consider for accommodation is Coron Village Lodge.

Coron Town is a very small town that tourists can explore by walking but there are also tricycles that could take you anywhere you want to go around town for only Php8 per person (Php10 if beyond 10:00pm). Each tricycle can accommodate 6-8 pax.

I don’t want to make this a long post, so here’s the snapshot of our itinerary.

Day 1

Coron Public Market

Coron Harvest

Coron Harvest – Coron’s delicacy is Kasoy (cashew) and it’s best for pasalubong.

Coron Souvenir & Gift Shop - Brgy 5 Bancuang Coron Palawan

Coron Souvenir Shop – Largest souvenir shop is located besides Evergreen (according to locals) where you can find varieties of shirts, key chains, etc.

Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas – The starting point is just 3 blocks away from Darayonan. The trail to the summit consists of 700+ steps but was safe and comfortable since the trail was paved, there are handrails along the trail and shaded area where tourists may stop & take a rest. We hike up to its summit for 40 minutes. The view is simply breathtaking and worth it. Also, the tour guide we met up there pointed us the sleeping giant.

The Sleeping Giant

Maquinit Hot Springs – We hired a tricycle that took us here w/c costs Php400. It’s about 25-30 minutes from Coron Town . Entrance fee is Php100 per person. The salt water’s temperature ranges from 38-40 degree Celsius – just a perfect place to relax our tired bodies from the climb.

Day 2

Kayangan Lake – Cleanest Lake in the Philippines . The photo above was taken half way up the mountain trail leading to Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake

Atwayan Beach

Atwayan Beach – Super fine white sand beach, clear sea water – I love it!

The other side of Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon – Separated by beautiful limestone cliffs with a small tunnel under the water where we swam to get through the other side. The sea water here is salt & fresh water mixed up that’s why it’s bubbly.

CYC Beach – Coron Youth Club beach is ideally for kids since the sea water is calm & shallow.

Sea Water at Twin Peak Reefs

Twin Peak Reefs – Snorkeling at twin peak reefs is like swimming in an aquarium, very clear water and wonderful corals… but beware because there are lots of sea urchins out there.

Fish Feeding at Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados – It is named such because there were 7 isolated islands in the middle of the sea. It is a marine sanctuary thus it is the greatest snorkeling spot in Palawan. Great corals and fishes! I must try scuba diving here someday. 🙂

Say Cheeze fishes!!!

Day 3

Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya Island – The moment I set foot on this island, I fell in love with it. It’s such a breathtaking paradise. With its CRYSTAL clear sea water & SUPER fine white sand beach, it is simply the perfect place to unwind. (Not much fishes to see though…)

Banana Island

Banana Island – Small version of Malcapuya Island . The only difference is that there are lots of great fishes here and you don’t have to go far from the shore to see them! It is named such because the island itself is banana-shaped in aerial view.

Fishes at Banana Island

Malaroyroy Island

Malaroyroy Island – Another small island near Banana Island with some rock formations at the side.

Day 4

After we had our breakfast, it’s time to fly back to manila.

Okay, that wasn’t snappy at all.

So there. What I appreciate most in Coron is that the locals are very friendly and accommodating. For foods, the must-try restaurants are Coron Bistro and La Sirenetta. Also, we did dine at Kawayanan Bar & Grill.

So where is my next stop? I’ll talk about it in my next post 😉

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Random Thoughts #2

Sometimes, all you need to do is smile to make someone happy. 🙂

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